Real Solutions
No more political quick fixes

  • The Seattle City Council is again seeking a political solution to the homelessness problem. They want to build another homeless shack village in Seattle neighborhoods. Doing this forces local businesses, residents and even the homeless themselves to pay the price of poor policies. The non-profits involved have failed to show transparency or results in their use of public funds. They are the only ones that stand to benefit from this new shack village proposal. For everyone else, the problems only gets worse.
  • The city has imposed an unconstitutional income tax on residents which was ultimately struck down by the courts. It passed a job-killing head-tax that was embarrassingly repealed. Now, it has undertaken a campaign to seize valuable land and build crime-infused shack encampments to house city homeless. All this in the course of six months.
  • This land has the potential to create economic activity and millions of dollars in tax revenue. If developed into a shack village, it will harm local businesses, neighborhoods and the quality of life for area residents just as has been proven by other Seattle shack villages.
  • This shack debacle is the third strike. Enough is Enough. Seattle residents are tired of being bullied into policies. It’s time to find a solution that works for residents and genuinely helps the homeless.

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Seattle Shack Encampment Community Hearing
Thursday, June 28
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